Focusing on the unique needs of each client, Vines Play offers seamless support in marketing, importing, public relations, social media, and beyond.

We work as a partner to create innovative solutions designed to help your business grow. We are committed to assisting you in achieving your goals. Our commitment to your brand is reflected in the service and results we provide. 

We’re proud of our client partnerships, and the success we have achieved together. From Ontario to Spain, from South Africa to Italy, Vines Play covers the globe, offering insight and expertise into the Canadian and American markets.


As your agent we are responsible for marketing, promoting, and sales distribution of your wine. We hand-craft buzzworthy marketing campaigns to make sure customers choose your wine.

Getting Your Wine Into the Ontario Market - Things to Know
The LCBO utilizes a structured and systematic approach when considering and reviewing products.

Phase 1: Matching Product Needs
Product needs are established by the LCBO. We carefully select wines from your portfolio that fit into the product needs.

Phase 2: Pre-submission
We submit a strong application which includes a competitive marketing plan.

Phase 3: Initial Decision
The initial decision is made to proceed with further evaluation.

Phase 4: Product Assessment
Organoleptic assessment of taste, smell and impression of product, and Sales and Marketing plan.

Phase 5: Decision
A decision is made to purchase the product.

*Note: This process takes an average of nine weeks.

Why it’s Important to Have a Strong Marketing Plan & Voice
Applications in the first stage are reviewed by the Product Manager, under the supervision of the Category Manager, based on their relevance. The application, along with the marketing plan, and product image are considered against the product needs criteria and other general factors.

Evaluations are based on the following criteria, as well as the overall judgment of the buying teams surrounding the commercial prospects of the product:

  • A review of category trends and consumer demand

  • The price/quality ratio of a product

  • Label and packaging appeal

  • The size and type of target audience

  • Marketing and promotional plans

  • Sales and marketing data from other markets

  • Organoleptic assessment (tasting): An LCBO Grading Panel tastes and grades

  • Product submissions

  • Product differentiation

  • Innovation

  • Inventory availability/forecasts

  • Payment terms

  • Third party endorsements

  • Responsible consumption usage

  • Environmentally friendly packaging/sustainable agriculture/production practices


We believe you need a partner who understands your business and recognizes both the nuances and boldness of your brand. We create revenue and popularity-generating ideas. Vines Play is a qualified company dedicated to the greatest thing on earth – your wine.


  • Brand strategy

  • Strategic brand partnerships

  • Market research

  • Digital strategy

  • Social media management

Event Marketing

  • Trade conferences and tastings

  • Booth design and management

  • Product launches

  • Pop-up/ consumer event

  • Event sponsorships

  • Sampling team
    Brand Ambassadors are the perfect way to engage consumers, by sampling your wine and creating an experience for distribution. We train our sampling team to be well-versed on your story and how to communicate your vision to the customer effectively.

  • In-bar/restaurant activation
    You may be on a restaurant wine list, but are diners selecting your wine?  Vines Play offers menu pairings and an in-person campaign to bring your wine from the restaurant’s cellar to the diners’ lips.  

Public Relations

  • Media partnerships

  • Print and digital

Creative Services

  • Website design

  • Graphic design – label designs, shelf talker product advertisements, brochures

  • Photography – product photography

Social Media

We provide social media marketing that stands out from the crowd. We help businesses of all sizes in the food and beverage industry to implement effective social media marketing campaigns to gain exposure, generate new leads, and grow. Far too often we see businesses engaging in social media just because their competitors are, or simply to get online. Sadly, we’ve seen some social media marketing agencies make the same mistake! Our social media strategies are designed to achieve real, measurable results for your company. We are 100% committed to your company’s success!

  • Service
    We’re social by nature, and social media is embedded into everything we do. Events, content, press, and awareness campaigns are all approached and designed with social media in mind. Our goal is to create content and experiences that are highly sharable.

    • Social Media Strategy

    • Content Marketing

    • Publishing & Community Management

    • Social & Digital Advertising

    • Social Application Design & Development

    • Email Marketing

    • Influencer Co-Creation

    • Social Media Monitoring

    • Analytics & Measurement


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