The Toronto Wine Meetup

A monthly round table gathering introducing guests to great wines. Join the Toronto Wine Meetup and gather Every second Tuesday for an evening of great wine tasting and knowledge.

Every month a theme is selected spanning from Wine 101, Food and wine pairing, Noble grapes, Exploring Regions etc. This affordable relax way to learn about wine is hosted at great Toronto restaurant. After every tasting we enjoy a great meal with new friends! Tastings are only $20 and include course materials. See what members are saying…

I have attended several Chanile’s events and was delighted with the personal approach and the friendly, cozy and relaxing atmosphere created by her as a host. She is very attentive, charming, approachable, positive and disarming. From the moment you register, walk through the door, to the time you take your first sip, or eventually say goodbye, you feel that you are in good hands, surrounded by laughs, as well as interesting but casual conversations.

Chanile handpicks her wines specifically to suit the ever changing theme of each event, as such her selection provides participants with a wide plethora of unexpected and classic notes to wake up and stimulate their tastebuds. Useful and insightful accompanying tasting notes are provided, which enable you to get the most out of the experience and retain as much information as possible after those few glasses of wine.

Chanile’s events cater to all of those like me, who sometimes feel stuck in a rut and need to escape the concrete jungle for something they are passionate about. Wine has such a diverse history and culture, and even though you can’t go exploring to a wine country every weekend, you can definitely leave the mundane behind at Chanile’s monthly event, meet friendly, interesting, passionate people of various backgrounds and ages, and go home satisfied and recharged. Cheers!
— Solveiga Laureckaite

Chanile’s wine evenings are a night I look forward to each month. The event is a great way to meet new people, learn about wine, and enjoy some laughs, no matter your experience of wine. Chanile runs an amazing event and is wonderful company herself!
— Jessica Ng