Private Wine Tasting – Cathy

Vines Play had a great time hosting wine tasting at Cathy’s birthday party. See Review and pictures below!

Wine tasting with Vines Play is excellent enjoyment for the evening with friends!

We had really wonderful evening with Chanile’s wine tasting. She introduced us to wonderful world of wines. We chose Wines 101 package from Vines Play’s menu list. This package was perfect choice for our group, because even though we have been in wine tastings in Niagara-on-the-Lake, those visits haven’t really teached us a lot. It was great to start from the basics; how to taste wine, how to recognise different flavors, colors and areas around the world. The map of wines was included in the package which helped us to recognise different details in wines. So, actually we learned a lot during the evening at the same time when having really fun time.

Chanile was great host for the party and she really knew what she was doing. Her great stories about wine fulfilled the evening with lots of smile faces. Chanile came to the event space well before the party was starting. She organized everything ready for the wine tasting, filled the glasses with different wines, and took care that the temperatures are the best for the tasting. We basically just had to come to the table and enjoy the evening.

A great thing about the wine tasting was that we were able to set up the budget for the wines we tasted, so everything was set-upped really classy, but still with affordable price. We had altogether 10 people enjoying the evening and the wine tasting with Vines Play was definitely a great success from everyone’s point-of-view. Vines Play wine tasting is great way to start your night out with your friends or organize a birthday party. It was truly a wonderful night and I can highly recommend Vines Play and Chanile for making your evening special. Cathy and all guests really liked the concept of wine tasting and especially you because you were so cool host!
— Perttu Ojansuu