Our wine tasting goes beyond food and wine.

Maybe you are a foodie looking to pair wine better, or you want to avoid staring blankly at the wine list at restaurants. Or you have wanderlust, recognizing that countries with a rich wine history are some of the best places in the world. Perhaps you are just intrigued by the mystique of a simple beverage that has such a great impact on so many lives. Whatever the reason, you are in the right place.

Why learn with us:

There is nothing online like this

I’ve searched...wanting to learn more about wine and was not thrilled at the prospect of spending $300+ per course. I searched for clear, concise online courses to lead me through all of the wine basics and beyond, and I found nothing.

"Create the things you wish existed." - Unknown

We speak your language

From beginner to advanced. This means you will never struggle to learn any topic, as we break things down and assume nothing. We will take you from 0-1000 as quickly as you desire.

Many tours, classes, and accolades

Vines Play online course is put together by industry experts who have spent years learning and studying wine. Courses feature university professors, wine makers, and renowned experts.

Lasting connections

Building a tribe of enthusiasts means you get all the perks. Brands partner with us to offer you discounts, freebies, and new experiences you can only get here! Meet other class members and form friendships over a glass of wine.

“One should always be drunk. That's all that matters...But with what? With wine, with poetry, or with virtue, as you chose. But get drunk.” Charles Baudelaire

Passion added

Pursuing passion is not child’s play. The most successful people constantly seek ways to have a life filled with passion. Here is your slice of heaven; a place to learn, enjoy, and indulge.

Your Investment

$30.00 per class will gift yourself access to all Vines Play courses.

This includes:
- Easy and concise course email (it’s like someone took great study notes just for you)
- Downloadable worksheets (to dig deeper and learn even more)
- Podcasts (where I delve into complex topics)
- Industry expert tips
- Quizzes (to test your wine knowledge)
-Group tastings (never drink alone, so you explore with other members)
-A certificate of completion (with all the bragging rights)

This Module contains six courses that will unlock the mystique of the wine world and leave you wanting more. You can go as quickly or as slowly as you like but to get #winegamestrong we recommend completing the module in a week!

Join us on our journey to enjoy the world of wine! Get access to three courses for free or join the classes and start your learning.

By the end of this Module you will have learned:

What is wine?

Keys in the ignition, time to start. This course will guide you through the 123’s and ABC’s of wine. You will learn how wine is made, from the vineyard to inside the winery. This course includes three email giving you the juice, a tasting list to explore, and a quiz towards getting certified!

Basics on how to taste wine

This is where true appreciation begins, guiding you to move from merely drinking to really tasting wine. Learn the popular steps, go deeper and find what to look for in a glass of wine, and how to describe it.

How to build a wine experience

This module is just the beginning. We will give you a peak at the future you, traveling to wineries, pairing the best wine and cheese, meals in vineyards, and more!

A new passion awaits that will influence the way you travel, eat, and bond with people. Vines Play online courses will guide you on your quest to learn more about wine. Welcome to the world of wine.


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